No matter how many firewalls Reddit might build to try to shield its most toxic communities from innocent eyes, you’ll never really be able to escape the virulent racism the site’s become known for. Take, for example, one industrious young bigot who decided to use his suddenly popular toaster as a platform for some good, old-fashioned jew-bashing hate speech.

The anti-semitic DIY-extraordinaire, MaximumCumming, started off by simply wanting to share his (admittedly impressive) toaster built from spare parts:

Once people started taking note, though, MaximumCumming realized he had a golden opportunity he just couldn’t bear to pass up.

To his fellow DIY-ers credit, the video was not exactly well-received.

This aggressive, insane sort of racism may be a minority of the site, but it’s one of the most aggressively vocal groups, too. And since the comment’s been up for over a day now, it would seem that as far as Reddit’s “new” harassment policy goes—this sort of anti-semitic degradation is a-okay. Not even our DIY toasters our safe.

[h/t @CastletonSnob]

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