The music industry has shifted from a business model of "selling albums" to a business model of " sell out hard as hell and hope to get your song in an ad campaign." Now, bands can directly pimp themselves out to the Sour Patch Kids™ brand in exchange for room and board.

Ad Age today reports on "the Brooklyn Patch," which is the fanciful name of a four-bedroom house in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn that is wholly controlled by an advertising agency that is working on behalf of the Sour Patch Kids™ comestibles corporate brand. Are you in an "indie" band, a genre that implies the rejection of mainstream corporate control of culture? Would you like to stay in these well-appointed living quarters free of charge? Sure thing—all you have to do is "create some content" for your hosts, the Sour Patch Kids™ candy concern. From Ad Age:

Most bands on the road will only be staying for a day or so. But in the event that a band or artist stays for a longer period of time, camera crews and engineers will be made available to help them fulfill their content requirements. For example, the indie band Deer Tick will be spending a week at the Patch between Christmas and New Years Eve while it completes a weeklong residency at Brooklyn Bowl. The band will create a number of videos with the help of cameramen that the NUE Agency will bring in.

1. "Indie" band [scoffing sound]

2. The price of selling out has now dwindled from "enough to make myself rich" to "the price of an AirBnB room."

3. Sour Patch Kids™ Inc. and its advertising firm declined to share the address of this hot and happening epicenter of indie influencers in this story. Do you know the address of "the Brooklyn Patch?" Please send it to The people of Brooklyn would like to come pay homage this synergy of art and sour candies.

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