Ted Cruz is not having a great time campaigning in Indiana, one of the few states standing between Trump and the nomination, where protesters have been mercilessly mocking him with insults and fake-out handshakes.

And yet, Cruz presses on. Yesterday, his attempts at debating one of his detractors ended in a flurry of insults. “America is a better place,” Cruz began to say before the protester finished the sentence for him: “Without you.”

But it got worse from there: At a stop in Bloomington, Cruz reached for what seemed like a friendly hand extended in support. But he was too slow.

The fake out came from an Indiana student named Kevin Nichols, who also called the senator a “fish monster.” It’s a burn so brutal it almost makes Cruz seem sympathetic—proof that in this country, truly anything is possible.


Nichols clarifies he is NOT a Trump supporter and favors Bernie Sanders in the election: “It is incredibly distressing to think that my actions are being used to support Donald Trump.”