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Crystal O'Connor of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, has her finger on the pulse of what gays want at their weddings: pizza. But thanks to her home state's new Religious Freedom Restoration Act, she can deny those carb-loving queers the sauce and cheese that they're just probably going stuff up their butts, anyway.

ABC57 interviewed O'Connor, whose family owns the store:

She and her family are standing firm in their beliefs.

The O'Connor's have owned Memories Pizza in Walkerton for 9 years.

It's a small-town business, with small-town ideals.

"We are a Christian establishment," says O'Connor.

The O'Connor family prides themselves in owning a business that reflects their religious beliefs.

"We're not discriminating against anyone, that's just our belief and anyone has the right to believe in anything," says O'Connor.

Anyone has the right to believe in anything. Crystal O'Connor believes that gays are so deviant they want pizza at their weddings, I believe that Crystal O'Connor is an imbecile, John Travolta believes in Xenu and hairpieces, Whitney Houston believed that children are our future. That's America in a nutshell.

Crystal's father, Kevin O'Connor, had this to say:

That lifestyle is something they choose. I choose to be heterosexual. They choose to be homosexual. Why should I be beat over the head to go along with something they choose?

It sounds like Kevin O'Connor sucked a dick and was like, "Nah." Can't fault a guy for knowing what he likes.

Memories Pizza's Yelp page has been overtaken with homoerotic imagery:

I have the right to believe this is hilarious.

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