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As we watch much of the Republican party fall in line with the bombastic racist nominee they once vowed to never support, so too can we watch America’s brave #brands settle into a comfortable partnership with a man who wants to ban Muslims from the country.

For months, there have been rumblings in the media that the corporate sponsors of the Republican National Convention might, you know, not sponsor the Republican National Convention if that convention was nominating a man who routinely calls Mexicans “rapists.” So where does this remarkable outpouring of corporate bravery stand today, with Trump’s nomination assured? Ad Age checked in:

  • Coca-Cola is giving $75,000, rather than the $660,000 it gave last time.
  • Microsoft “will provide technology support.”
  • AT&T will be “the official wireless provider.”
  • Quicken Loans says it is “proud” to have its name on the arena where the RNC will be held.
  • Walmart “hasn’t decided yet” about its sponsorship.

Imagine the profound level of moral courage that it takes for a large corporation to only give $75,000 to hold a gaudy ceremony feting a modern day fascist. Truly, brands are our friends.