Billy Zabka, best known for playing Johnny Lawrence in the original Karate Kid, delivered a message to a dojo full of young future black-belts on Sunday: bullying is bad.

I’m not yet sure whether the fact that this dojo was in rural Maryland makes it cooler or kinda sad, but it’s something.

Zabka was invited by Sensei and owner Rick Rando to be this year’s keynote speaker at the event that also included booths and “stations” dedicated to bullying awareness inside the facility.

Rando’s dojo is in Clarysville, which is near Frostburg, which is near Cumberland, which is roughly in the middle of nowhere. That’s cool! I have decided that it’s cool. The redemption of Johnny Lawrence is going well.

Anyway, here’s the video. Billy Zabka is cool. I like him now.

[Cumberland Times-News]

Screenshot via YouTube