In a scene out of an anxiety dream or maybe a greek yogurt commercial, Amy Poehler once unwittingly went on a date, dressed in her Parks and Recreation wardrobe, with Handsome Guy Actor John Stamos.

Poehler, making the rounds to promote her new book, was talking with Stern about her divorce from Will Arnett when the ill-fated Stamos outing came up. Poehler said she was shooting They Came Together with Stamos, who had a cameo, when he asked her to go to dinner.

"I was at the restaurant, we were having dinner, and I was like, 'Oh, maybe this is a date. But I don't know.' He asked me to the restaurant. But I blew it."

And I remember thinking like, "Oh shit," halfway through. "If this is really a date..." And I was wearing a Leslie Knope shirt, I think I was wearing a shirt from work. I wasn't foxed up.

The maybe-date didn't pan out and not long after, Poehler started dating Nick Kroll.

"[Am I disappointed] that I didn't fuck John Stamos? I think everything ended up the way it was supposed to end up."

[image via AP]