Every year since 2007, Apple has held an event to unveil its new iPhone. And every year since 2007, professional technology reporters have fallen over themselves to tell you how Apple’s latest gadget is just like the one you already have, but a little bit better. This version is “not a game-changer,” they’ll write, but it has a slightly different shape or a camera or whatever.

The cycle has become so predictable that a tech commentator covering today’s iPhone 6S launch could recycle the “expert analysis” of previous iPhones word-for-word, and as long they remembered to change the iPhone model numbers, no one would be the wiser.

Or would they? Are you the wiser? Read this near-decade-worth of indistinguishable Apple commentary that we’re calling a “quiz,” and see if you can tell which iPhones these people are talking about. (Hint: It’s “not revolutionary” and it looks a whole lot like the previous iPhone.)

[Photo: AP Images]