17-year-old Swedish pop star Zara Larsson, formerly best known as a Sweden's Got Talent winner, is now primarily known as the woman who wore a condom like a stocking to call out men who claim they're "too big" to wear one.

Condoms are not especially fun to wear, and you can just not wear them if your partner is cool with that. But they come in sizes ranging from Jude Law to Jared Leto to A Human Leg Up to the Knee. One of them fits you, so maybe don't lie about your dick? If you're having the condom argument, they're probably looking at it anyway.

"I merely meant it as a funny joke," Larsson wrote on her blog Tuesday, "Since then newspapers have been writing about what a feminist genius I am!"

"I, personally, don't consider myself to be some kind of Holy Mary of feminism," she continued, pointing out that she's said dumb shit of her own in the past and has benefitted extensively from being a slim, attractive white girl.

Feminist genius or not, you've at least got to give her the funny joke.

[h/t ONTD]