You might be wondering: Where did that alleged fraudster Martin Shkreli get the grey hoodie he was sporting on his perp walk in New York City this morning? A forensic analysis of various photos taken today (some of which captured the word “CARGO” pressed into the hoodie’s metal zipper fob) pointed us to the following hoodie sold by the New York-based sports retailer Modell’s: The Cargo Mens Full Zip Hoodie in Light Grey.* It is also available in a “big mens” version, for the big mens in your life.

Wear it for your Martin Shkreli costume next Halloween. Wear it to the gym. Wear it on the subway. Makes a great last-minute gift. Only $19.99 $15!!!

UPDATE, 1:50 p.m.: Gawker has obtained (at the Modell’s in Chelsea) its own Cargo Mens Full Zip Hoodie in Light Grey, size small. OFFICIAL REVIEW: Pretty decent hoodie, surprisingly warm, but runs a little big; you could do a lot worse for $15. Purchase your own before it’s too late!

Photo credits: AP, Modell’s // * Pictured above in “Heather Grey,” sorry.