There is a new Viral Wedding Video out there, from a San Francisco couple named Bambo and Janice, who decided to announce the date of their wedding (Saturday July, 12!) with a "trailer" that involves a helicopter and Great Gatsby quotes. There is absolutely no reason to do this.

If your wedding is fun people will remember it, or maybe they won't because they've been to dozens of weddings and sometimes they bleed together. But really, it doesn't matter: the wedding is your wedding to remember, which you will even if you don't produce a video in which you fly a helicopter or name your wedding "Boss Wedding."

What you don't want—even in a modern fantasy land like San Francisco—is to be known as the couple who thinks so highly of themselves that their mundane declaration of eternal love and devotion can only be understood in the context of a blockbuster film. Kanye West—who rented out a baseball stadium and hired a choir to play Lana Del Rey for Kim Kardashian—could barely get away with this, and you, Bambo and Janice, are no Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.