Photo: Jeffrey Cohen/ Flickr

Do you enjoy the exquisite thrill of the hunt? Do you crave the visceral experience of—using nothing more than your wits and a weapon—stalking the most dangerous game of all: cow?

If you are the sort of hunter who is unafraid to take on even the sort of animal that will be slaughtered in an automated process and turned into cold cuts, you may find that most mainstream corporate American fast food brands find you a little too risky. A little too... shall we say... bold, for the McDonald’s and Burger King marketing department types.

Not to worry. There is one fast food chain unafraid to embrace you—and unafraid to make an implicit connection between your affinity for shooting at animals, and the likelihood that you will purchase a Junior Bacon Cheddar Melt. Ad Age reports:

“We’re trying to tap into these groups of people that have a very strong affinity for some type of content or some type of lifestyle, frankly, that other people really aren’t speaking to because maybe they thought it might be a little too risky or maybe they thought it might be not big enough,” said Rob Lynch, brand president and chief marketing officer, Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc...

The chain is looking into partnering with brands or outlets in the outdoor lifestyle space — think an affinity for hunting and fishing — where marketing work could begin before the fall hunting season.

If you can’t find a cow to shoot in the wild you can still eat a dead one smothered in Cheez. Win-win.