Image: Twitter

In the wake of the leak of tens of millions of Twitter and old Myspace passwords this week, you may have heard a lot about two-factor authentification, the supposed impenetrable firewall between you, the unsuspecting cloud-based electronics user, and a hacker. I’m here to tell you that if someone is deeply intent on hacking you, you’re probably fucked.

This morning, the Twitter account of famed Black Lives Matter organizer DeRay Mckesson was compromised. Per the Baltimore Sun (Jesus Christ), the hacker tweeted, among other things, an endorsement of Donald Trump from Mckesson’s account. This afternoon, after regaining access to his some-376,000 followers, Mckesson revealed that he did in fact have two-factor authentification on his Twitter account, but the hacker(s) managed to bypass the system anyway:

This sort of “social engineering” preys not on the security of your password-protected accounts, but the lowly call center employees who can access your shit with a few keystrokes.

So what are the solutions? Destroy all your electronics. Ummm, move to a remote island. Uhh...

[via Fast Company]