The sad thing about life is that one usually dies before so many confounding mysteries are solved. These mysteries keep me going! I'm thinking I'll probably be dead before the world knows who killed JonBenét Ramsey, and that's infuriating because I really want to know who did. So if you're reading this and I'm dead and the mystery has been solved, please text 1-800-TEL-LEAH (secret PIN: Hell).

If any mystery could be solved before you die, what would it be? Here are some ideas from me and the Gawker staff to get your mystery thoughts flowing.

  • What happened to Madeleine McCann?
  • Where is MH370?
  • Who is/was DB Cooper?
  • Did Amelia Earhart "go missing" to get away from her husband?
  • What happened with Matt Taibbi and First Look Media?
  • What if OJ "did it"?
  • Who killed Elliott Smith?
  • Who birthed Blue Ivy Carter?

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