The primary driver of racism in America? Black people like Beyonce, who celebrate thugs who want to divide us. White America does not have a racism problem—just ask these incensed internet commenters.

As you all know, mentally disturbed typical hollywood hoe* Beyonce gave a despicable and racist performance at the Super Bowl halftime show in which she tried to advance the notion that black lives matter more* and ruined a well known celebration of diversity* (the Super Bowl) in order to divide us and keep ripping off the historical band-aid* instead of leaving well enough alone.

I didn’t own any slaves*.

When Blaze TV anchor Tomi Lahren was brave enough to point all of this out, she was attacked by internet hatemongers. But Tomi refuses to be silenced, bravely speaking up again to tell the haters that she will not be silenced, and she is not racist in any way*. “She chose to pay homage to a group that advocated violence as a means to an end,” Lahren said, bravely. “She, while flanked and protected by law enforcement both white and black, chose to use her platform to agitate progress and encourage division.”

Speaking up in support of a group that uses violence—in front of law enforcement? Disgusting.

Why do blacks like Beyonce and the ghost of Malcolm X insist on perpetuating racism in this country, even though whites quit being racist long ago? I and Blaze TV anchor Tomi Lahren sure would love to know. And we’re not the only ones. White internet commenters are also sick and tired of blacks playing the race card despite the fact that white racism is a thing of the past.

Ken Kennemur

Let the blacks start a race war we will eliminate all 13 percent of them easy with in a day and America will be a better place

Enough with the race-baiting, Beyonce.

William McDuffy

Who do these blacks that are doing this think they are. We all bleed die give life some work and some do the career WELFARE. Now which ones have the time to be doing all these riots that ovomit calls calm protests burning building killing each other robbing each other selling DRUGS to each other that destroys more lives then just the addicts. Hmmm and now when the TRUTH comes out about 1 of their own and the racist shit she pulled in a day when people don’t want to think about all the senseless RACIST shit ( thanks to ovomit) she goes out in front of those people and starts her stupid little RACISIM PARADE. I bet her little drug dealer husband put her up to it or is she really that stupid to throw away her career for a stunt like that. People like her need to be stripped of all her wealth because it wasn’t just blacks that got her there I can honestly tell you that. After that rasict bldm bdp is broke ship her ass to Africa and all of her brainless followers. Then we will see who likes being free in our Country with their welfare free schooling uncf because they won’t get nothing free in Africa so keep doing what your doing and setting back all the years it took us to get past this Racisim bullshit

Let’s get past this racism bullshit.

Palmer Hirahatake

FYI NATIVES of the jungle: We are sick of your threats. We are sick of you’re bullying! We are sick of the RAMING of your agenda. Never in my life, and I am 67 years young, never had a problem with any race. However since King CamelDung came along I have found my self struggling to maintain a truth that Skin is just a container and transportation for a persons character and integrity. I am struggling to hold on to that truth because of the apparent jungle bunny mentality that says “YOU are entitled” you aren’t!

There has never been a problem with race—until now.

Maria Giamanco

AntiWhites use threats and intimidation because there is zero justification for the antiWhite proposition, that there can be NO WHITE COUnTRIES and no majority White areas within the confines of formerly White countries. Nobody is using Diversity to make Brown areas less Brown. “Antiracists” only ever use Diversity to chase down White Flight and make White areas less White. They ONLY target White kids. That’s #WhiteGenocide.

Does that sound fair to you?

Peter South

We’ve had enough idiotic one-sided “conversations” about race.

You’re ready to move forward with us in a positive direction...great.

You can’t let go of the past...there’s a certain way we need to handle that because THIS will not continue.

No whining after it’s done and remember, you wanted this. Many people are coming to the conclusion that the KKK was right all along.

That what you want? Think about it.

Black people: STOP with the racism, or face GENOCIDE.

Love us or die!

[Racist photo: AP]