A young man's determination to give his girlfriend the dramatic marriage proposal she never asked for ended with a half-dozen neighbors evacuated from their homes in this edition of Please Just Propose Like a Normal Human Being.

Via the AP, an exuberant Dutch man decided to propose to his girlfriend this weekend by renting a crane and appearing at her windowsill as she slept, like Kristen Stewart's ghost, Robert Pattinson, did in that one movie. To add insult to injury, the Dutch man reportedly planned to play a guitar.

Except, the AP reports, "the crane toppled over, smashing a large hole in the neighbors' roof."

But true love, she conquers all—even expensive property damage—and the girlfriend reportedly bloomed into a fiancée, right there in the smoldering wreckage of their neighbors' homes. Off the golden couple skipped to Paris, to celebrate their engagement.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

Then the crane fell again during attempts to right it with a larger crane, bashing in the rest of the neighbors' roof. The town's mayor is on the spot after the building was declared unsafe. Six apartments were evacuated.

[image via AP]