Alan Martin, the moron who strapped himself down to a chair in a Burlington, NC Olive Garden to shovel the pasta from his Never Ending Pasta Pass into his mouth for seven weeks, has finished his self-inflicted sentence.

The minister confirmed to Salon that in the span of seven weeks—in which he ate at Olive Garden twice a day, every day—he consumed 115 meals at the restaurant, or $1,840 worth of "pasta." He wrote to Salon by email:

It was worth it for the first bite of spaghetti and meatball! But it was worth it in more ways than just having happy taste buds. I was encouraged to see that our country still has jolly, fun people who love a good story, that root for the underdog and cheer when the little man wins. Of the comments I read and received, 99 percent were positive! The other 1 percent was at least funny… And I certainly am thankful for whoever invented chicken gnocchi soup!

But 'ol Alan, seemingly not content with the distinction of having choked down plate after plate after plate of Olive Garden and living to brag about it, goes for one more honor: He claims that he lost four pounds. And when Salon writer Joanna Rothkopf asks him where he ate Monday, his first day of out Olive Garden incarceration, he told her, "Nowhere—I went to the gym."

This man is a monster.

[H/T Daily Intel // Image via Alan Martin/Salon]