How drunk are you right now? Be honest. On a scale of one to I'm drunk as a skunk, how would you rate yourself? Here we have a photo of a skunk with its head stuck in a Miller Lite can. Does that look . . . familiar?

A little skunk buddy who was living peacefully in the wilderness of Oxford, Ohio took to drinking this week instead of dealing with his problems head-on. As a result, the little stinker got his head stuck in a can. Uh oh, time to get blottoed.

The skunk (getting drunk as a _____) was captured on camera by a resident of Oxford who saw the full-can party going on near a local frat house. An animal control officer released the creature from the can and the skunk was set out into the wild again, free from the can—but not free from its inevitable miserable hangover and confrontation with life's pains.

[Image via AP]