Female soldiers serving is the Israeli military have long been lusted after in certain male-dominated corners of the web and beyond — and now four female soldiers serving is the Israeli military are in trouble for capitalizing on that very fact.

The unnamed recruits were reportedly disciplined for "tarnishing the image of the Israeli Defense Forces" by posing in G-strings while standing in the middle of their southern Israeli base.

The photo — said to have been inspired by a similar photo posted last year (top photo) — was uploaded to Facebook by one of the girls, launching a debate in the Israeli media over the alleged "damage" it caused to the army's image.

While some online commenters were outraged, at least one Israeli columnist insisted the girls should be commended not condemned, saying "instead of more pictures of war, better that the world should see photos of IDF soldiers being silly."

Though an IDF spokesperson said the girls received an unspecified punishment through "command channels," the girls themselves — dubbed "the undressing soldiers" by the Israeli media — appear unfazed, uploading three new photos to Facebook, this time holding their IDF-issued weapons to their bare chests.

[photos via Facebook]