Surfing father Jorge Tirado took his 9-month-old son out for his first little surf recently, filming the adventure for posterity and, more importantly, the internet. Hmm. Should you take your infant surfing?


I don't think so.

"But he's smiling," you're thinking. "I see him smiling, he loves it!" Yeah right. You know what else that baby would "love"? Getting into the poisons you keep underneath the sink—that's why you have to put the thing on the cabinet door that makes it impossible to open for some adults, even.

You know what else your baby would "love"? If you gave him the knife he was grabbing for, and if you let him touch the hot stove. You think your baby's not smiling when he sticks marbles in his nose? Surfing is not for babies. At worst, the baby dies. At best, the baby does not die.

Maybe you take your baby to do a fun baby thing instead, if you want your baby to smile.

And guess what, he's not even smiling most of the time:

Oh yeah, looks like he loves it.

I really wish you wouldn't take your infant surfing.

[h/t NYPost]

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