Just days after extolling the steamy pleasures of traditional gender-role relationships, actress Kaley Cuoco forgot to mention her husband while accepting an acting award for her popular science television program.

Thankfully current co-star (and, apparently, former secret lover) Johnny Galecki saved the day for Cuoco! Which seems somewhat counter to the "boring" "housewife" lifestyle she recently promoted to Redbook, but good on you, girl.

Via the Daily News:

Ex-boyfriend and co-star, Johnny Galecki, decided to step in and help her out later on in the show.

"Hey, wow, thank you so much. Hey, just real quick, I'd like to take a brief moment, because Kaley forgot during her speech to thank her husband, Ryan ..." Galecki said while accepting the [People's Choice] award for Favorite Network TV Comedy with "The Big Bang Theory" cast.

"You are my heart and I can't imagine what I'd be without you," Galecki joked.

But alas, it would not be the only time that evening she'd forget her beloved: Cuoco later thanked Galecki, but not her husband, in an Instagram message about thanking her husband.

"I wanna thank @sanctionedjohnnygalecki for thanking my amazing husband Ryan at the #peopleschoiceawards tonight because Ryan's wife, me, forgot during her speech. #suckywife #amazinghusband."

[image via AP]