Last week, bizarre footage of two girls—reportedly drunk sisters—fighting aboard an inflatable raft got posted on YouTube. It’s a weird, funny video and I have so many questions.

Like—why are these girls fighting? What’s their end goal? Who’s the third girl crushed underneath them? Why isn’t the lady in the sunglasses doing anything? And why does she kiss one of the girls on the nose? Where’s the blond girl’s helmet? Isn’t she at all concerned about safety? Why’s the guy filming so sanctimonious and nosy? Would I be as sanctimonious and nosy if I saw two girls wrestling in a boat? What’s it like to have a sister? If I had one, would I fight with her? But then would we make up and as a result would our sisterly bond would be stronger than ever? Would we text throughout the day? Would she be older or younger? Would she let me borrow her clothes? Would we take trips together? And what’s the meaning of life? Am I saving enough for retirement? Will lunch be good today? All good questions, and yet I have no real answers.

Anyway. It’s a great video.

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