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Lifetime's Anna Nicole movie (directed by American Psycho's Mary Harron) was an upgrade from the 2007 biopic starring Willa Ford and also called Anna Nicole, but that's not saying a whole lot. While Agnes Bruckner did a decent job of conveying Anna Nicole Smith's goofy sweetness and sliding scale of self-awareness, the movie was weirdly still and bland for a life that was bursting with fruit flavor and silicone. (Dan P. Lee's New York story on which it was based, "Paw Paw & Lady Love," was much more vivid and empathetic.) Ignored almost entirely in this movie was Smith's knack for showing up in public an acting like a maniac — crucial to her legend was her long string of awards show appearances, red carpet camping and tabloid-TV outbursts. Smith's real gift for spectacle went mostly unexamined.

Still, Anna Nicole had its share of ridiculous moments. Some are above. Fun fact: This movie features an Oscar nominee (Virginia Madsen as Anna Nicole's mom, Virgie Arthur) and an Oscar winner (Martin Landau as Anna Nicole's octogenarian fuck toy J. Howard Marshall).