Judging from this commercial, German supermakets are much more fun—or at least more bizarre—than their American counterparts. The commercial—titled "Supergeil"— stars a 58-year-old musician named Friedrich Liechtenstein, who, over the course of the video, pours milk into his bathtub, eats ice cream in a random couple's bed, dances through a EDEKA supermarket, and smokes a hot dog like a cigar. It's well worth your four minutes.

As Slate points out, many of the song's lyrics are double entendres.

Even the titular adjective, geil (pronounced guy-l), has—like all the best German words—multiple meanings, two of which happen to be "cool" and "horny." Because you are supergeil and I love you, I have provided a full translation here—my favorite line is the rhyme of "sushi" with Muschi, or "pussy" (referring, technically, to a cat).

And this isn't Liechtenstein's first viral hit. The commercial is based on his 2013 song, which is also called "Supergeil."

[GIF via BuzzFeed]