Vines: Those perfectly distilled six-second bites of Internet.

We started the year off not even knowing what a Vine was, and here we are, 12 months later, still not quite sure what a Vine is.

But we're unable to stop clicking the replay button just the same.

Vine introduced us to BatDad, and BaneDad, and this guy. It made us laugh, and coo, and cringe, and freak the fuck out (don't click on that).

Saying goodbye to 2013 is saying goodbye to the best Vines of 2013, which is pretty easy to do now that the official Vine Compilations account went and made a compilation of the best Vines of 2013.

So long Vines of 2013. Though our Vine-induced short attention spans will cause us to forget about most of you six seconds into 2014, we'll always have whatever the Hell is going on here (seriously, don't click on that).

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