If you're going to leave a lascivious comment underneath a gallery of glamour model lingerie pics informing the world that you're willing to leave your loving family for just "one night" with the gallery's subject, make sure your comments aren't linked to your Facebook account.

One Manchester man had to learn that the hard way after he declared to readers of The Daily Mail that model Kelly Brook was "so sexy" he would gladly "leave my wife and kids for one night with her."

"I hope your wife reads this," responded another commenter, "and the first thing you see when you wake up tomorrow is your belongings packed in a bin bag on the floor."

Well, as hilarity would have it, the man's wife did see the comment, and soon granted the Internet its wish:

My idiot husband forgot his comments are linked to his Facebook account. You don't deserve our beautiful kids and I hope your brother has room on his sofa because I'm having the locks changed.

On the plus side, at least Tom is now free to go after Kelly Brook.

[screengrab via Instagram, image via John Stevens via Brooklyn Mutt]