It is safe to say that as we enter the summer of 2014, emoji demand is outpacing emoji supply. There are so many emoji, and yet, so many more words, so many emotions we can't yet ironically express via tiny images in text messages. That list, though, has dwindled: phones will soon be able to recognize up to 250 more emoji.

This bit of news was first caught by The Verge:

Unicode, an industry standard that regulates the presentation of text across different software platforms, updated today to include 250 new emoji, the Unicode Consortium says. It will be up to the makers of Unicode member platforms like iOS and Android to implement the new standard and develop pictographs to represent the emoji, each of which Unicode describes only with a few tantalizing words.

Translated into layman's terms, that means that your iPhone or Android will have the capability to recognize hundreds of new symbols, but first software developers will have to draw those images up. But the list certainly has potential, even though it also seems incredibly daunting and perhaps even suffocating.

Here are some possible new emoji, via Emojipedia:

Thermometer, Cloud With Rain, Wind Blowing Face, Hot Pepper, Dove Of Peace, Pocket Calculator, Checker Board, Raised Hand With Part Between Middle And Ring Fingers (aka the fucking VULCAN SALUTE -Ed.) and Bed.

Yes, there is finally going to be a bed emoji, which is perfect for a new language for people too lazy to verbalize their thoughts.

[image via my iPhone]