An enormous fireball (or alien spaceship) reportedly exploded over the skies of California, Nevada and Arizona around 8 p.m. Pacific time, according to hundreds of eyewitness reports on Twitter. While the top picture seems like a normal, awesome photograph of a meteor streaking through the sky, this other completely unconfirmed ridiculous picture is allegedly from a weather camera on the mountains over Los Angeles. But it comes from a notorious sharer of dubious pictures, so the aliens will probably not take over tonight.

With reports of a very bright something-or-other in the skies from as far north as the Bay Area and as far east as Tucson, everybody who missed the sky show is now regretting all that time they spend inside with the TV and the computer. Look at all the fun you missed:

"Ghetto bird" is the Angeleno term for the LAPD helicopters that constantly circle poor neighborhoods like evil vultures of the night.

Maybe it was the launch of this Russian rocket at just about the right time?

Maybe it was this wildly fake looking picture on a weird Twitter account that had been retweeted hundreds of times before it was deleted? It will take up to three hours for enough proven fake photos to justify additional posts about this. Unless it's all 100% real. (Here's another wonderful picture that is also not a real picture of tonight's fireball.)

Perfect timing, too, as the terrifying Russian fireball of last winter is now officially a warning sign of things to come.

How could a fireball twice the size of downtown Los Angeles be fake? Who has that kind of photo-editing technology?

This means you might be able to go outside right now and see a few more.

Guess it's all right to stop flossing now.

You used to have to call the local TV newsroom to offer your meteor reports. Now they beg for them, on Twitter.

Be careful, everybody!

[Everything via Twitter.]