Competition was especially steep this year for congressional gossip sheet The Hill's annual list of the "50 Most Beautiful People in D.C."—even Malia Obama got shut out. Can you ever be as beautiful as these residents of our nation's most beautiful city?

Yes, you can—if you read closely. The list itself contains all the information even the ugliest flack or politico needs to transform himself into the kind of butterfly that graces The Hill's website.

Here's how to become the most beautiful person in D.C., according to the 50 most beautiful people in D.C.


Oil your face.

[Kimberly Willingham] recently started using Clary Sage essential oil, dabbing a little of the aromatic liquid on her hands each morning and patting the different scents, such as lavender and lemon, on her face.

Wear colors.

Patterns are a no-no for [Danielle] Sikes, but she digs bold colors. "You can keep it simple and still have that 'wow' factor," she says.

Keep 'em guessing.

"Some people think I'm going to be really wild and rebellious or I'm going to be like the good girl," [Katie Hunter] says.

Wear a Hermès scarf.

"I would rather save up for something instead of buying four or five little things that would fall apart," [Carmen Fuentes] said, referencing a Hermès scarf she picked up while on a trip. "That's a big thing for me."

Try a "fun" tie.

[Ross Gage's] smooth, confident style ... always includes pairing a "fun" tie and cowboy boots with his suits

Filter your photos.

"I go filter crazy," [Devon Brown] said. "It's like Annie Leibovitz, I'm trying to get the colors right. Right now, I'm really into symmetry. I love straight lines."

Be Juan Williams' son.

Raffi and Tony Williams, sons of The Hill columnist Juan Williams, both appeared on the list.

Do not:

Iron your jeans.

"I finally learned it's not cool to iron your jeans. My dad would iron my jeans, so all the way up to college, I would iron my jeans. Then I started to realize it's actually cooler and more hip to not iron jeans." - Rep. Eric Swalwell

Be afraid to get nautical.

Shopping at J. Crew, [Mariel] Saez aims for a classic look — and maybe a little nautical when she goes casual.

Scientifically speaking, the most beautiful person on the hill would be a well-oiled sailor in wrinkled jeans, a tie, and a Hermés scarf.

[Image via The Hill]