Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio wore some cute boots yesterday. Once New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro tweeted out a photo of them, both political and fashion journalists had questions. How high are those heels? (Two inches, easily.) Where did he get them? (The campaign has yet to say.) Do they come in my size? (I personally want to know.) And—cutting to the real issue at hand—how tall is Marco Rubio anyway?

To me, he comes across as 5’8”.

Wikipedia will tell you that Marco Rubio is 5’10”, and maybe that’s true. But in campaigns, perception is everything, and my perception is that he is 5’8”. Strong 5’8” vibes. I look at Marco Rubio and I see an enthusiastic high school football player who never quite got big enough to be competitive. 5’8”. Good call on the boots.

What about the rest of the candidates? How tall do they seem? I’ve listed each of their heights below, according to my scientific process of thinking about it for one second and then deciding.

Jeb Bush: 6’1” with bad posture.

Hillary Clinton: A vacillating 5’5”.

Donald Trump: Does not seem to be any height. He registers as a yard across.

Rick Santorum: 5’9” with back problems.

Carly Fiorina: A hard 5’7”.

John Kasich: 6’0” but all shoulders.

Ben Carson: I honestly can’t get a read here. How tall was Jesus?

Rand Paul: 6’2”

Bernie Sanders: 5’11” in a nice way.

Martin O’Malley: 5’11” in a rude way.

Chris Christie: A shapely 6’0”.

Mike Huckabee: 5’10” I guess.

Ted Cruz: Variable due to apparent alignment issues. 5’10” to 6’1”.

How tall do the candidates seem to you?

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