Most sport coats look alike, so it’s best, especially when you’re often in gigantic rooms filled with men in sport coats, to write your name on the inside with a Sharpie.

But Jeb! Bush, always the go-getter, went a step above and beyond: he, presumably, hired a tailor specifically to sew fabric emblazoned with his logo onto the inside of a sport coat. An attendee at Art Basel in Miami this weekend got a great snap of the Republican presidential candidate showin’ off the goods:

Upon closer inspection of history, we find that this is not the first time we’ve seen Jeb! don his own name on the inside of his coat flaps.

Some questions I have about this coat include:

  • How much did it cost to tailor/create this coat?
  • Where was the fabric made, and by whom was it sewn?
  • Is this one coat, or many?
  • How often does Jeb! wear this coat?
  • Where can others get their own Jeb! coat?

I’ve reached out to the Bush campaign for the answers to these questions, and will update this post when I hear back.