The tenacity of the human spirit is an unyielding source of inspiration: with iCloud harder to hack than it was before, dudes who like masturbating to non-consenting strangers are moving on to new apps.

BuzzFeed is reporting a new mini-trend on privacy violation enthusiast message board AnonIB: lying to underage girls on Whisper in order to get their nudes.

The con is pretty simple: tell women on the anonymous messaging service Whisper that you're a recruiter of some sort—say, for an escort service.

Nice. Nothing like jerking off to the image of someone you'll never meet, based on a trick you learned from an anonymous message board. More advice from the sociopathy gurus:

Ok - so basically you can change your handle repeatedly. You post anonymously and they do too, but you can contact each other directly. I tend to post about recruiting escorts for a high priced agency … lots of interested girls always get in touch and share all kinds of pics.

Alternatively you can just search for whispers from people or scope out your local area for booty calls. Be warned there are a lot of thirsty guys on there, so you need to have an angle or play a role, or else they will shut you down and block you.

Two things to look out for: they can track your location and you can also get banned. So you can't just troll girls and act like a dick, or you WILL lose access to the App. Basically it boils down to playing a role, and you should be pretty down to earth and non-dickish to score images.

One last ProTip: I don't trust anybody/anything, so I always ask the girls to send me a pic in a certain pose. If they do that, I know they're the real deal.

Of course, this isn't "hacking," or any kind of technical exploitation. It's just systematic lying, and any app is vulnerable to that.

You can read the whole thread here (NSFW, of course), and like the above advice says, please make sure to watch out for thirsty guys on the internet. Total cockblock.