Narcotics have been a fabric of life on this continent for thousands of years. A huge number of academic studies, undertaken by the government and institutions of higher learning, have attempted to plumb the depths of that usage. Now, we join that noble pursuit, with the most important drug question of all: How much do drugs cost in your city? And can you even get good stuff?

Below, we've put together a survey meant to answer those questions about three of America's best and most popular recreational drugs, as well as whatever else Americans are currently inhaling, snorting, or injecting.

Don't worry if you strictly smoke weed and don't know the price of coke, or vice versa—fill out as much as you can, and submit. You can take the survey here, or below.

Let's create a comprehensive, consumer-focused assessment of the state of drugs in America today.

(We are not the feds. We're not interested in personal or identifying information and wouldn't share it even if we had it.)

Take the survey below, or click here to open it in a new window.

[ image by Jim Cooke]