It's time for Sun Valley, Allen & Co.'s annual Idaho gathering of the ultramonied ruling class. Unlike Davos or Bohemian Grove, this one is something of a family affair. Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan are there. So are all manner of other mogul and spouse pairs.

And holy potatoes, the informality of Idaho seems to have encouraged everyone to dress like they're attending some suburban version of Coachella. What's the good of rising to the top of the top of the top of society if you come out looking like you looted the dumpsters behind the outlet mall along the way?

Here, on the far left and far right, are Hollywood superheavyweight producer Brian Grazer and Twitter guy Jack "@jack" Dorsey, accompanied by Grazer's wife, Veronica Smiley, and Dorsey's girlfriend, Kate Greer. What on earth are they wearing? Grazer's upmarket-SRO ensemble includes, in a literalist touch, an ill-fitting Billionaire Boys Club t-shirt, which apparently would have cost him 50 bucks.

But where did he get the rest of it, and how much did he spend? What's the origin of Smiley's pocketless vest, or Greer's pocketless jeggings? And where did the proudly spendthrift Dorsey go shopping, so he could come out looking like a Banana Republic mannequin?

Help us price out the rest of these outfits—and the other linked mogul-wear—in the comments. Best contributor gets tickets to the Jeff Bezos gun show.

[Image via Getty]