And so ends the televised saga of a brave woman who wasn't afraid to stand up and say to the world, Hey fuck this quarantine—mama's getting takeout.

Snyderman, NBC's former chief medical correspondent, officially announced her departure from the network today after months of speculation.

She was already reportedly on ice with execs after she very publicly violated a voluntary Ebola quarantine—witnesses spotted her picking up food from a New Jersey restaurant in October, less than a week into the 21-day monitoring period.

Even so, she eventually made it back on the air. But little did she know, her fatal flaw—food—was lurking around the corner.

According to reports, NBC finally pulled the trigger on her after she slurred her way through a February segment on peanut allergies.

She issued a statement Thursday claiming she's excited to spend more time with Brian Williams and will be taking a faculty position at a "major U.S. medical school."

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