Amy’s Baking Company was the most nightmarish Kitchen Nightmare of all, a restaurant run by rage-filled lunatics so unwilling to change that even Gordon Ramsay just gave up. Two years after owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo melted down on national TV, they’ve finally realized that customer service might not be their strong suit. Amy’s Baking Co. will close as a restaurant, and the couple plans to run a wholesale bakery under the same name.

After the Kitchen Nightmares episode turned them into an internet sensation, Amy and Samy went on the warpath on Facebook, attacking people who left negative comments.

Amy later claimed the company’s account had been hacked, something she maintains to this day. From a piece this month in the Phoenix Business Journal:

Amy said the couple took their computers to the FBI field office in Phoenix and it showed computers and accounts accessed by California IP addresses. She said federal investigators told her it is very hard to track down and prove hacking, especially when money was not stolen. The FBI office in Phoenix did not respond to a request for comment.

And just last year, TMZ posted video of the couple chasing a drunken customer of the restaurant with a knife. Always something fun with these two.

The Bouzaglos don’t blame the mismanagement apparent in the Kitchen Nightmares episode for the restaurant closing (although Yelp reviews claim that years after the show, Samy still wouldn’t let his servers operate the register). Instead, they say it was a weird “sewer-like” smell that the former owner of the building wouldn’t do anything about—it’s since been sold to a new company.

“People want to say we’re desperate and closing and bankrupt,” Amy Bouzaglo told the Associated Press. “Sorry, we’re not. Sorry to burst your bubble.”

They’re not quitting the drama business yet, either. This week, they were fighting on Twitter with an writer who noted that the Kitchen Nightmares episode caught the owners keeping their employees’ tips.

Here’s exactly what the AP did report:

The owners of a Phoenix-area restaurant who became notorious after yelling at unsatisfied customers and pocketing employees’ tips during a volatile appearance on Fox reality show “Kitchen Nightmares” will soon close its doors.


Amy seems delightful. It’s crazy her restaurant stuck around as long as it did, but it’s still a little sad to see it go.

[h/t Consumerist, photo: Amy’s Baking Co./Twitter]