House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who recently boasted about how effective the Benghazi select committee was at “dropping” Hillary Clinton’s “numbers,” has pulled himself out of the running for Speaker of the House, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The announcement comes as a shock to many Republicans, considering McCarthy was the frontrunner for the position. The Daily Beast reports, “McCarthy stood before his colleagues in a closed door meeting and proclaimed that he’s not ‘the one to unify the party.’ His supporters began to cry.”

The GOP still needs to find someone who can pull together 125 Republican votes in today’s secret ballet, and 218 from the full house later this month. As of Wednesday, the day before he dropped out, McCarthy reportedly had 200 members privately backing him.

The motley clown-car of other candidates for the position recently vacated by unpaid spray-tan model John Boehner includes Utah’s Jason Chaffetz and Florida’s Daniel Webster.

Chaffetz has been accused of refusing to release “a computer hard drive that contains videos produced by David Daleiden, the head of the group that tried to entrap Planned Parenthood,” and Webster has the support of the Freedom Caucus, an alliance of 40 the House’s most conservative Republicans.

Best of luck to Dick Dastardly and Muttley in their upcoming Wacky Races.

[Photo: AP Images]