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Just a week after Senate Democrats filibustered for new gun control measures, the Democrats of the House have decided to get in on the fun. This time, with a good old-fashioned sit-in.

Rep. John Lewis from Georgia started the day with the speech you see above, saying:

We have turned deaf ears to the blood of the innocent and the concern of our nation. We are blind to a crisis. Where is the heart of this body? Where is our soul? Where is our moral leadership? Where is our courage?

We cannot continue to stick our heads in the sand and ignore the reality of mass gun violence in our nation. Deadly mass shootings are becoming more and more frequent.

After which his congressional cohort got up and plopped themselves down on the floor of Congress. And that’s when Speaker Paul Ryan appears to have freaked out and pulled C-SPAN’s cameras, much to C-SPAN’s dismay.

Since we’re fresh out of cameras, though, reporters and members of Congress have been more than happy to keep us updated on the goings-on of the sprawled out Democrats.

And the pictures are, if I do say, absolutely incredible. Because while their mission is surely noble, these people look miserable.

They really should have dressed better for this.

And then Representative Scott Peters got his Periscope app going.

Democrats are pushing to expand background checks as well as keep people on terrorist watch lists from being able to buy guns.

We’ll update this post as more information becomes available and/or someone finally falls asleep.

Update 1:24 p.m.:

Democrats are holding a press conference, which you can watch live on Politico here.

Update 1:31 p.m.:

It looks like Senators are showing up on the House floor to show solidarity with their colleagues.

Which is either a very nice gesture or a whole bunch of Democratic Senators are just very drunk and lost. At this point, answers remain inconclusive.

According to The Huffington Post, “Democrats will try to essentially hijack the House floor both Wednesday and Thursday in an effort to get gun control measures a hearing.” Their plans stand in stark contrast to the GOP’s notoriously preferred method of sending thoughts and prayers to loved ones. As Nancy Pelosi told members of Congress earlier this morning:

Many of you have said that we cannot have another moment of silence without action to follow. These moments of silence have almost become a moment of denial because it’s a denial of what we need to do. We have to turn it into a moment of truth and actions — where we go from here.

Update 1:48 p.m.:

All our friends are here!

Also, someone should maybe check on Rep. Nadler.