If you haven't been paying attention to the saga of hip-hop DJ Mister Cee's sex with men who dress like women, this quote from Cee will help catch you up:

I know I’m still in denial because I know that I love women — any woman that’s been with me knows that I love women — but occasionally I get the urge to have fellatio with a transsexual: a man that looks like a woman. But I’m here saying I’m not gay because I haven’t penetrated another man.

Oof. Cee said this earlier today during an interview with Morning Show host Ebro on New York's Hot 97, the radio station at which Cee has worked for about 20 years. Cee announced he was resigning from the station yesterday, after a person who goes by Bimbo Winehouse (one of those people on YouTube who makes hourlong videos of himself talking) posted audio of Cee attempting to solicit sex from him.

This is not the first time that Cee has been caught attempting to pay a man dressed as a woman for sex — he was arrested in 2011 for having sex with a male prostitute and again earlier this year for attempting to pick up a male prostitute, who turned out to be an undercover cop. Cee has long contended that he is not gay, and said the cop who busted him was a woman. "It was a sting operation," he claimed.

It should be noted that Bimbo Jones, by the way, is not a transsexual (he identifies as male), but a "part-time drag queen, part time crossdresser," per his intro to his Cee exposé. "I like to walk around the city in my wig with my fake breast aka my chicken cutlets, girl…yes, they feel real, bitch," says Jones. Cee's description of Jones is right, but his label is incorrect.

Cee openly wept during his half-hour interview, in which Ebro voiced concern not about Cee's sexuality, but his specific taste in hookers because they're illegal. Something tells me that if Cee's problem were with female hookers, though, it wouldn't be considered much of a problem. Hip-hop glamorizes a lot of illegal activity (take weed smoking, as the most benign of examples) and those who partake rarely get this kind of probing.

That said, Ebro's heart was in the right place regarding Cee's sexuality, saying that most listeners he heard from after Cee's (temporary) resignation said they cared way more about having Cee on the station than his sex partners. "You don’t have to apologize for you who are ever. Ever. Do not feel like that," Ebro told the DJ.

Cee admitted, "I have tried to protect myself for the wrong reasons, wondering what the streets is gonna say." That's an evolved realization (as is that of his lingering denial), and it's a big thing that he admitted it to an audience of hip-hop fans. "What you did today, in hip-hop, is monumental," Ebro told him. "You have saved people's lives today in a real way."

The DJ then returned to his usual slot on the station, manning the decks starting at noon.

Another day, another example of hip-hop's slow acceptance of queerness. We are watching this play out in real time.

[Image via Hot 97]