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Rumor has it the contentious 2016 presidential election is tearing apart famous acquaintances Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump. “I am also here!!!” says Georgina Bloomberg, who is, in typical horse-girl fashion, trying to make it all about her.

Bloomberg got in on rich kid the drama this week by commenting in a Politico article that both Chelsea and Ivanka declined to comment for. Were Chelsea and Ivanka ever even friends to begin with? I have literally no idea. Does Georgina Bloomberg know a thing about it? I’m guessing the answer is no, because she’s talking about it with a reporter and not, say, with Chelsea or Ivanka. Why is she talking about it instead of living her best life, as a horse girl? Again, I have no idea. Generally, “‘she’s into horses’ is all you need to know,” Gawker writer and resident expert Allie Jones explains.

But let’s let Georgina explain.

“I am good friends with two of Mr. Trump’s kids and no matter what happens in the presidential race, that won’t change,” Georgina says.

She adds: “Donald has always been, and still is, a great father, and I know she is very proud of him and what he has accomplished.”

A nice thing to say about someone else—but how does that relate to Georgina Bloomberg?

“Just like me, this doesn’t mean she has to agree with everything her father stands for — I certainly didn’t agree with everything my father did or believes, but we are our own people.”

Her dad isn’t even running for president!!!

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