New York magazine's Science of Us blog published an interview today with a 42-year-old Canadian man who identifies as a zoophile. He is attracted to female horses and is currently in a monogamous relationship with a mare named Ms. C (but he calls her Sexy Knickers). Everything about the interview is incredible.

To begin, he explains that he's had an interest in horses since the age of seven, and became sexually attracted to them around the age of ten or eleven. "Everybody else was stealing their dads' Playboy magazines," he says, "but I had a book called The Big Book of the Horse." He continues:

It was a very interesting book — everything you ever wanted to know about horses. At the time I didn't really think of myself as different or unusual; it was just what I was interested in. I wasn't going to go broadcast what I was doing, but I also wasn't thinking to hide. I feel like my sexual development was bang on — I just had a different affection.

On losing your virginity to a horse:

Yes, the pressure builds and builds and builds. And losing your virginity is important to becoming a "real" zoophile because you're joining a very select group of people, and if you haven't actually "done it," people wonder if that's your real sexuality. So there's some hazing that goes on. I'd wanted to have the sexual experience as well as the street credit among my peers — the zoophiles I'd met online — because they were my closest friends, really.

He explains that his first sexual experience with a mare was set up by a friend who had access to a Shetland-cross pony:

My friend was there at the time, and he was holding her head. He didn't have to do that — it's not like we were doing things that she wasn't enjoying — but he was there to protect me. He had his back to me, and he was holding the lead rope to make sure that she was okay and also to prove that I'd actually done it. The sexual experience itself was incredible. To this day it was the best sex I've ever had.

"But how does he do it?" you might wonder. "Because of the height difference, I mean." Well, here's a tip on getting around that horse/human height difference:

Now, one of the things that's a problem with horses is the height difference. So, here's a little tip: Use a water bucket to stand on. In the case of the first time with my current mare friend I was sitting with my back to the wall, and she had actually pressed into my face hard enough that I was pinned there performing oral sex.

On how his relationship with Sexy Knickers is based on more than just sex:

Five years. I picked her up for $100 because she was going on a meat truck. She's an Arabian. I've never had a relationship with a horse that was as in-depth as the one I have with her. I much enjoy her company; it's really not just about sex. That's something that a lot of people don't understand.

On the idea that having sex with animals is animal abuse:

Each time I have a conversation about this I see other people's darkness projected onto what I do. Yes, anyone could tie up a horse to make sure it couldn't hurt you and then do whatever they want to it. And, of course, that does happen. But I've met maybe 150 to 200 zoophiles, and I've never seen that. There are some people whom I would never want to associate with because they are not good people, but there are bad people in life in general.

Sex with animals is just so poorly studied. We are a varied community: city folk, country folk. The popular image of that person on the farm who goes and abuses animals because there's no other outlet, that's not the case. That's just not always what happens.

Here he is on how he can tell a mare is having an orgasm:

She tenses up a lot and "winks" her clitoris repeatedly. She makes noises and grunts.

On oral:

I mostly have oral sex with mares. When I first gave a horse oral sex I was in my early 20s, and one of the things I had to overcome was the thought that it's disgusting to go down on a horse, much like the way some men feel about women. So it was at the back of my head at the time, and it's kind of strange because there's nothing about horses that's disgusting to me. And, as I discovered, mares taste very, very nice, like mown grass or fresh hay, and they really enjoy oral stimulation.

It is an incredible, very descriptive and enlightening interview about a man in a monogamous sexual relationship with a horse. Please go and read the entire thing.

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