The Internet has seen its share of faith-in-humanity-destroying memes, but a rape joke that recently gained viral status on Twitter may be the most hashtag WTF yet.

Dubbed "The Most Horrible Joke in All of Creation," the line has its variants, but essentially goes something like this: "Why are girls so scared of rape? Y'all should feel pride that a guy risked his life in jail just to fuck you."

Amy Brown, a Tumblr user who first brought the "joke" to bright light, says she herself was introduced to it after her boyfriend showed her a screenshot of a tweet he found on Reddit.

"I decided to search to see if I could find it," she says, "and I found that A LOT of people were tweeting the same horrifying joke."

As The Daily Dot notes, of the hundreds if not thousands retweeting the joke, "only about half of those retweets are in protest of the original joke."

The Tumblr blog Fucking Rape Culture, which picked up on Brown's lead, listed the handles of just a handful of the Twitter users who passed the joke forward, and suggested to its readers that "none of these people will mind at all if you hit them in the face with a spade; after all, it’s flattering that you’re risking jail to hit them (or possibly kill them...)."

That comment has now be reblogged over 100,000 times.

[screengrab via @holyhoe]