It’s getting warmer out, which means that America’s Most Expensive Garbage Islands are about to become America’s Most Expensive Visibly Rotting Garbage Islands (Because They’re Covered in Disgusting Cockroaches). Are you ready, New York City?

Gothamist notes the below video, which according to Instagrammer Martin James was taken yesterday at the 34th Street/Herald Square subway station. It is very gross, and you probably shouldn’t watch it.

See what I mean?

According to fancy scientists and my own non-scientific observations, summer weather means this kind of thing will only become more common in the coming carefree months. Once, in a roach-infested Brooklyn apartment where I mercifully no longer live, I got a drink of water in the middle of the night and found a special surprise inside my cup. I hadn’t turned the lights on, so I didn’t notice him until he hit my lips. Fortunately, it was a smaller “German” cockroach, as opposed to the larger “American” roaches you see in the video above. Still, it was pretty bad.

What’s your worst NYC roach story (other cities welcome too)?

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