Cardio Party! Comedian "The Fat Jew" is bringing Soulcycle's model to the masses, leading New York's homeless in spin classes atop docked Citibikes.

"The Fat Jew" (real name - Fabrizio Goldstein) pulled his best Danny earlier this week, after discovering that the new Citibikes still pedal while docked. Of course it wouldn't be a true Soulcycle class without someone yelling at you to TURN UP THE RESISTANCE over pounding dubstep, but Goldstein is sporting a crop top and an earpiece/microphone as he tells the homeless riders to tighten up for "bitchin' definition," so he's really not that far off.

"Indoor cycling, it's too expensive, it's not available to everybody, and it's just like, I want the homeless people of New York to have the opportunity to have sick bodies," Goldstein told a woman filming the class. "They could have really gorgeous bodies, they just need the right workout regimen."

It hasn't quite reached cult status yet, but one Citicycler told an observer that spinning made his legs "feel better".