There's only one Republican candidate running for Senate in Iowa who has Sarah Palin's endorsement, and also loves to cut the testicles off of squealing pigs with her own two hands. But that doesn't seem like enough for you America, so fine, here she is shooting stuff and wearing chaps.

Now, Palin's track record for endorsees sucks pretty hard, and her anointed hog-nutter for Senate, Joni Ernst, is a longshot to beat out the Democratic candidate to succeed well-liked Dem vet Tom Harkin—and that's assuming Ernst even survives a crowded GOP primary next month.

But in the new ad above, Ernst's backers are begging you, please, to "give Joni a shot," because look, Harley Davidson! and leather clothing! and also what appears to be a Smith & Wesson 9mm semiautomatic, firing at a paper target while talking about how much she hates Obamacare!

Jesus, people, what does it take for you to take a candidate seriously? Sexists.