It took two days of digging for police to find the body of a hoarder who died at home under the mountain of trash he had collected. The 67-year-old Dallas man was reported missing Tuesday.

Because police couldn't enter the man's home through what neighbors described as a 10-foot wall of trash, they had to cut their way in through the ceiling. Even after they made it into the house, the search took days because dogs couldn't smell the man through the scent of dead animals.

Police found a dead raccoon and two dead dogs before they eventually uncovered the homeowner.

"They've been pulling out jugs and jugs of urine and feces and just the things that he collected is amazing," a neighbor told CBS Dallas. "Everyone knew there was a hoarding situation. No one knew the extent."

Hazard crews are now at work on the property, and neighbors have been advised to prepare for an infestation of rats once the house is demolished.

Miraculously, the man's beloved Chihuahua, Buddy, was found alive inside the house. He's been cleaned up and adopted by a friend.

[Photo Credit: WFAA]