If you live in D.C., get ready for a a few weeks of racism skewed as advertising. Twenty D.C. Metrobuses will feature an advertising campaign that calls for an end to U.S. foreign aid in Islamic countries—accompanied by a picture of Hitler talking to an anti-Jewish Islamic leader during World War II.

Pamela Geller of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, who is responsible for the purchase of the ads, says a number of times in an interview with ABC that we must be "even-handed."

"My intent is to leapfrog over a media that is not even-handed, that is advancing the propaganda against the Jewish state," says Pamela.

Nothing even-handed about this, she's right. The AFDI ads come as a response to a previous bus ad from organization American Muslims for Palestine that encouraged blocking US aid to Israel.

According to The Washington Post,

The AFDI ad shows Hitler meeting with Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Palestinian nationalist and grand mufti of Jerusalem who allied himself with the Third Reich before and during World War II. Besides making propaganda broadcasts for the Nazis and recruiting European Muslims to serve in the Waffen SS, Husseini backed Hitler's policy of exterminating Jews.

Geller claims she's gotten hundreds of emails in support of the ads, but a few city bus riders are not happy, saying it's "outrageous" and "racist."

[Image via city-data.com]