Hitler's childhood home in Braunau, Austria is slated to be turned into the House of Responsibility, a museum dedicated to survivors of the Holocaust.

The NY Daily News reports that Hitler's former home, an inn where he was born in 1889 and lived for only three years with his parents before moving to Passau, will become a museum that depicts the horrors performed by Nazis on the Jews during the Holocaust.

The house has been vacant for the past two years. According to The Daily Mail, the house, which was part pub and part inn, has been a yearly destination for Neo-Nazis who come to pay tribute to Hitler's origins on his birthday.

From The Daily Mail:

Juergen Schmidt, a local, said: "It is about time we got rid of this eyesore and this shame. Making it into a place of memory for the victims of Nazism is a good idea."

During Hitler's absorption of Austria into Germany after 1938, the house was turned into a Nazi culture center, where ". . . anyone who wished to progress through party ranks was obliged to pay at least one visit there to pay homage to the leader," The Daily Mail notes.

No timeline has been established yet for when the museum will open.

[Image via AP]