Photo: AP

A quick update on Roger Clinton, idiot brother-in-law of Hillary and neighbor of Max Sheffield on The Nanny: Still an idiot.

According to TMZ, Clinton—who is Bill’s half-brother and full-time embarrassment—was arrested Sunday night just after 8 p.m. in Redondo beach. It is his second DUI arrest in 15 years, and his bail was reportedly set at $15,000.

That it happened in California only amplifies the embarrassment: The state’s Democratic primary is on Tuesday and polls indicate the race is extremely tight. Should Bernie win, he’s even more likely to stay in the race through the convention, where he’s announced plans to lobby Clinton’s pledged superdelegates to change candidates. Clinton is currently 28 delegates away from clinching the nomination, assuming they continue to back her.

But Roger, whose Secret Service codename was “Headache,” has a long and storied history of embarrassing the hell out of the Clintons, from his 1985 cocaine conviction, which Clinton pardoned him for, to his unsuccessful attempts to make money brokering pardons for other felons.

More recently, he was accused of misrepresenting his influence to land a $100,000 consulting gig with a group of investors who wanted to obtain government grants to build homes in Haiti. Investors in the project say he promised he would parlay his familial connections into a contract but ultimately failed.

“You had all this government grant money, and all this money Bill was raising from around the world for reconstruction,” Roger explained to the Times last year. “But we just couldn’t make it happen. It’s like, come on, man, can’t you just throw me a bone?”

Still, the Clintons have thrown him quite a few bones—857,000 bones to be specific. According to the New York Times, Roger only lives in his California home because Bill bought it for him when he was more $100,000 in debt.

Idiot brothers—can’t live with them, can’t live without them, because they keep getting arrested for DUIs.