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Now that we’re just six months away from electing our country’s very first tanned hernia into office, Hillary Clinton has her sights set squarely on taking down our future President Trump. And with that laser focus comes a brand new attack ad that is great—at least as far as attack ads go—but also a futile attempt to stop the inevitable.

The ad, which Hillary tweeted out just a few hours ago, compiles the Grand Old Party establishment’s various condemnations of Trump, presumably to remind current Republicans how their beloved leaders really feel.

But then, those aren’t the people Hillary really needs to worry about. Because if anything, the not-at-all-silent majority of Trump supporters will feel invigorated by a reminder of the failed steak merchant’s outsider appeal. Meaning, no, this probably won’t change any minds. That said (and for everyone else), it is still fun as hell to watch.

Unless of course your name is Reince Priebus. Reince, buddy, maybe skip this one.